Australian Nut Conference

I went to the Australian Nut Conference in March this year and was blown away by the nutritional benefit of nuts. I knew they were good but hearing the presentation from the pre-eminent nutrition researcher on heart health, Prof. Sabate, I was struck by how my family and all those that I know should eat more nuts. A ten year large population study conducted in Spain showed that 30-50% reduced incidence of dying of cardiovascular disease if you ate a handful (30g) of nuts 3-5 times a week. After five years the effect was so dramatic against the control group that they stopped the trial as they felt it was unethical to continue with people’s health at risk. They wanted the control group to be able to eat nuts too. More information on the Nuts for Life website including how nuts are good for weight management and diabetes too.


profsabate-anc Professor Sabate speaking at the ANC


Hazelnut Growers of Australia ANC exhibit at the conference

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