Fresh hazelnut kernal is available roasted or raw from our online store.

We sell our roasted 250g packs of hazelnuts from the Glengarry Store – overlooking our orchard. Open 6 days a week. They are our farmgate.

We are also stocked at the Grain Grocer in Launceston in 250g bags and bulk, Moon Lily Kitchen and Cakes in Beaconsfield and the Glengarry Bush Maze.

If you are after larger quantities than 6kg, please contact us for a shipping quote. We also sell wholesale for orders over 10kg or of a regular nature. Please contact us for a price.

You can find our hazelnuts in Straits Brand Hazelnut Gin, Lentara Olive Grove Dukkah, Honey Tasmania’s hazelnuts and honey and at Timbre Kitchen.

Buy hazelnuts direct from us at the Farmgate Festival in November each year and stock up for X’mas!

Our Hazelnuts

We have chosen to plant varieties of hazelnut that have a pellicle (brown skin) that is easy to remove, a medium size nut that are suitable for use in the confectionery or baking industries. They are also a good size for snacks and sale as a whole nut roasted or raw. When roasted, they are crunchy and flavoursome.

Our nuts are fresh and in season. They have not been stored for lengthy periods (4-5 years in some cases) or transported from Turkey, USA or Spain the predominant suppliers of hazelnuts to Australia and the world. You will notice the difference.


Hazelnuts are nicest when eaten as a roasted nut. The dry roasting process enhances the nutty flavour and the crunch. It also changes the fats and sugars in the nut which decreases their shelf life. Nuts left too long can become bitter or tangy. Our nuts will come with a short shelf life noted on the best before date. This is to ensure that you as a customer consume them before they begin deteriorating. While the nuts may be ok after this date, you will enjoy them more if you eat them fresh. Typically, hazelnuts will keep for 3-4 months after roasting if stored in a cool dark place. The fridge is best for keeping them freshest for longer. Unroasted or raw hazelnuts will keep for 6 months so we like to roast to order.

The best way to keep hazelnuts for the longest time is to leave them in their shell. Our new nut drying and storing facility will enable us to store nuts for a calendar year and provide the best possible nuts all year round.

Dietary Benefits

Hazelnuts are a great addition to the diet and have been linked to a number of health benefits when eaten as part of a balanced diet. A regular 30g of nuts such as hazelnuts when eaten as part of a healthy diet with a variety of foods contributes to heart health without causing weight gain. Read More

Interestingly, the pellicle that is often removed during the roasting process, contains high levels of polyphenols (which have an antioxidant behaviour). The hazelnut skin is so rich in these chemicals that it is more potent than dark chocolate, red wine and blackberries. Read More

More information on heart health, recipies and other health benefits of hazelnuts at Nuts for Life