Hazelnut Troubleshooting


Hazelnut trees are very particular about their pollination requirements. They need the right genetic match, and the right timing of flower and pollen availability. If you have an unproductive hazelnut tree it may be that you do not have the right pollinator nearby. We are happy to provide assistance with problem solving your trees and the HGA Handbook can advise on the right pollinators for you. Trees are wind pollinated and will pollinate over a distance of 30m.

Overcrowding and Blight

Hazelnut trees won’t produce nuts in great quantity if they are overcrowed and not receiving enough sunlight. Pruning to open up the canopy may help with increasing production.

Blight can be identified by dead and black branches and stems, early leaf drop and yellowing leaves. It can affect nut production when left untreated. If you suspect blight it can be managed using Copper Hydroxide spray in late autumn and early Spring and further details are on the HGA website regarding permitted and recommended application rates and amounts. There are both organic and non-organic approved Copper sprays available on the market.