We purchased 43 Turkey Farm Rd in March 2010 and as well as planting a hazelnut orchard on the property we have grassy paddocks we use for making hay and a gum tree plantation. There is a small established orchard of apple, pear, peach and plum trees which also houses our five chickens.  We also grow a few of our own vegies and have a small berry patch. We have a large population of native hens that are very noisy and territorial that we control through fencing.

There is a non-permanent creek through the property, Tunks Creek and multiple springs some of which feed our dam which we use to irrigate the hazelnut trees over summer. We have two large water tanks that supply the house with water.

We received assistance from NRM North to plant 250 native species in a wind break down a creek outflow of our dam. This will protect the creek and also provide a windbreak for our hazelnut orchard.  There are a number of other projects that I would like to do around the farm to restore native vegetation and rehabilitate the non-orchard parts of our property.

In future, we’d like to remove the willow trees from Tunks Creek and replace them with natives, establish a walking path around our dam and remove the weeds and also rehabilitate two remnant patches of forest.