Farmgate Festival Nov 25-26th

Want to tour our hazelnut farm, walk through our orchard and explore our hazelnut processing facility?  Then come and visit us as part of the Farmgate Festival Nov 25-26th 2017. Its a great time to see the hazelnut trees at their best in spring. Just $20 per adult for unlimited entry into 15 farms in the West Tamar over the weekend.

More info

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2017 Hazelnuts are now for sale

The release of our online shop has been waiting a bountiful supply of hazelnuts. This season has delivered with 1.3T of hazelnuts in shell. They are now dry and waiting in our shed to be cracked freshly when you make an order. Please allow two weeks (at least) for me to get them to you especially if you are a long distance from Tassie.

Fresh Spring Hazelnut

Fresh Spring Hazelnut

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HGA Conference Tasmania

Get set to visit our farm on Sunday 4th September as part of the Hazelnut, Chestnut and Walnut Conference. For more details on the conference check out

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New Shed

We have been working hard on a new shed to house our nut dryer. We picked up the nut dryer unexpectedly at an auction of a walnut growing company very cheap and hence now have plenty of room for drying our nuts! The shed is looking very grand and has been our focus for the last six months. We will keep working on establishing our nut processing equipment with the aim of being about to automate a lot of the steps I am currently doing by hand, cracking, sorting, washing….

Framing up around nut dryer

Framing up around nut dryer

Nathan (husband) with Grandpa Norm and Emma (daughter) working on shed

Nathan (husband) with Grandpa Norm and Emma (daughter) working on shed

Shed built and awaiting gutters to be complete. Yippee!

Shed built and awaiting gutters to be complete. Yippee!




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Nursery Update

We are getting ready to prepare next years trees for planting and sale. They are growing well and in another month will be ready to encourage to separate from their mothers and grow their own roots. If you are interested in planting trees next winter now is the time to start thinking about planting, how you will prepare your soil, where you will source your trees and establish your planting plan. Pre-orders for next year are accepted from now on. We will have TBC, Lewis and pollinators J5 and Epsilon for sale as large whips at $10 inc. GST pick up in July-September. This year I’m not sure we’ll have Barcelona for sale but ask me in a couple of months and I will have a better idea.


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Nut Dryer and Storage

Our latest project is a nut dryer that we bought second hand at a recent auction. We’re in the process of building a shed for it to live in and hope to have it up and running for next harvest in March 2014.

Hopefully this will help us deal with volumes of nuts without having to rely on sunny weather at the end of autumn for nut drying.

Picture TBA

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X’Mas in July Nut Sales

We will be at the X’mas in July celebration at KillieCrankie Farm on Sunday the 21st July 10am-3pm selling in shell and hot roasted hazelnuts.

Christmas in July
Join us out on the Farm for a brisk Winters day with friends Marions Vineyard, Langdale Farm & Tamar Valley Hazelnuts for our First Christmas in July.
Sunday 21st July
10am – 3pm.


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Open for Tree Sales

We have just begun harvesting whips for planting in winter 2013. Pick up is from late June – early September. Please phone ahead to avoid disappointment. We should be open most days as we have so much work to do on the farm.

The nursery has performed well and the new trees are looking good – particularly where we banded the suckers they have formed great roots.

Happy Planting

Roots on new Hazelnut tree

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Australian Nut Conference

I went to the Australian Nut Conference in March this year and was blown away by the nutritional benefit of nuts. I knew they were good but hearing the presentation from the pre-eminent nutrition researcher on heart health, Prof. Sabate, I was struck by how my family and all those that I know should eat more nuts. A ten year large population study conducted in Spain showed that 30-50% reduced incidence of dying of cardiovascular disease if you ate a handful (30g) of nuts 3-5 times a week. After five years the effect was so dramatic against the control group that they stopped the trial as they felt it was unethical to continue with people’s health at risk. They wanted the control group to be able to eat nuts too. More information on the Nuts for Life website including how nuts are good for weight management and diabetes too.


profsabate-anc Professor Sabate speaking at the ANC


Hazelnut Growers of Australia ANC exhibit at the conference

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Harvest 2013

Harvest is going better than anticipated with 55kg harvested so far and one final pick up to go. We’ve been harvesting by hand as a mechanical harvester is not a value for money expense just yet.  We’ve also been drying the nuts in the sunny weather we have been having – up until this week when all the rain we have missed in Spring and Summer has arrived at once. Our last nut harvest is sitting out in it getting wet and mouldy no doubt. It will be interesting to see if there is a higher prevalence of damaged nuts because of it.


  A day’s harvest


Mid March harvest drying in warm weather

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